Welcome, Mark Shea fans!

Wow! I’ve only just started the blog, and have had just a handful of visitors. Suddenly, I come back from lunch and notice that my new traffic counter has spiked up in a serious way. You probably know the rest of the story.

Truth of the matter is, I’d e-mailed Mark a few times over the past week, and recently asked him to take a look at the site in case he had some criticism I could use to make it better. He did me one better. Please, feel free to look around, crticize, and so forth – I haven’t had the time to make it what it should be, but it’s a start!

– Joe.

P.S. I noticed that a handful of people checked out something called my “Blogger Profile,” which tells you … well, nothing really, in my case. Sorry! I think this is the way my mom felt when I would have friends over to the house growing up – you suddenly notice everything that’s out of order. On a more serious note, almost all of my posts so far have been written upon request, or as the result of a real-life conversation – if there’s anything you’d like to break the ice on, I’d be thrilled to try my hand at a post on it!

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  1. Too bad about the part about you being a Royals fan, I wouldn’t reveal such shameful iniquities, you’ve got everything else going for you here lol! My O’s will be invading KC on May 14th. Godspeed on your blog, it’s a great start!

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