Twelve Important Differences Between Catholics and Orthodox

from an Eastern Orthodox revert to Catholicism (that is, raised Catholic, became EO for four years, and reverted to Catholicism).

This list is excellent, and the comments are worth reading. The blog’s author is very fond of the Eastern Orthodox still, and presents their arguments with their full weight (to the point that Patrick Madrid got worried he still believed these things). It’s irenic, and some intelligent Catholic and Eastern Orthodox posters have added interesting addendum at the bottom.

There are other issues, as well, particularly in regards to moral theology. Although the Orthodox stand tough on abortion, their views on birth control are weak, and their stance on divorce is just wrong, in that they will consecrate re-marriages while the de-spoused is still alive (in other words, they’ll bless adultery in the Church).

All that said, they remain the “other lung” of Apostolic Christianity, to borrow JPII’s phrase.


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