Too Hilarious to Pass Up

Over at CCEL, there are some hilarious ads on the Philip Schaff bio. The top one is for an anti-Catholic book called Escape From Paganism (which sounds like a B-movie; also, the rave reviews on the book’s own website include almost unreadably bad grammar). For the cover, it has a “pagan” image of Mary with a crown of twelve stars… which Catholics took straight from Revelation 12:1. Right underneath it, which I find side-splittingly funny, is an ad for The Confessions of St. Augustine. They even include the “St.” part!

Confessions of Saint Augustine

To cement the brilliant irony of it all, I’d just yesterday read a great quote by Francis Beckwith:

Saint Augustine, whose genius helped rid the Church of the Pelagian and semi-Pelagian heresies, would not be welcomed …as a faculty member at virtually any evangelical seminary, because the Bishop of Hippo accepted the deuterocanonical books as part of the Old Testament canon, the deposit of Sacred Tradition, apostolic succession, the gracious efficacy of the Sacraments, the Real Presence of the Eucharist, baptismal regeneration, and the infusion of God’s grace for justification.

Perhaps Augustine had more to confess to than we previously thought! Confessions of St. Augustine, pt. 2: Escape from Pagan Mountain.

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  1. That “Escape from Paganism” ad was also on the side of the page while I was reading Sister Emmerich’s “Life of the Blessed Virgin” on that exact same website. I actually went to the book’s site but just had to leave, shaking my head. There’s nothing much you can do with people who are that nutty.

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