To Be Converted

One of the best blogs on the internet, in my opinion, is Jennifer F.’s blog, Conversion Diary. In one of her most recent posts, she explains how she chose the name for the blog (it’s #3 on the list). Anyways, it’s based on a really great quote from Pope Benedict, so I thought I’d pass it along. This is from his book Journey to Easter:

“To be converted” means to follow Jesus, to walk with him, on his way. But let us again insist on the fact that God “brings us back,” converts us. Conversion is not human self-realization, and man is not the architect of his own life. Conversion consists essentially in that decision by which man ceases to be his own creator, ceases to seek his own self and his self-realization, but accepts his dependence on the true Creator, on creative love, accepts that his dependence is true freedom and that the freedom of autonomy emancipated from the Creator is not freedom but illusion, deception.

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