Tiller Aftermath: My Parting Thoughts

So I’ve covered my initial shock and disgust at what happened, and the subsequent media frenzy (disgusting in its own way). But I wanted to briefly add a couple of my own thoughts, the first of which I hadn’t seen represented yet.

First, those who commit murders like this aren’t the powerful bullies the pro-choice movement tries to make them out to be. These murders have only ever occurred during the Obama and Clinton administration (the first was in 1993, the last, until now, in 1998) when a certain Chicken Little despair overwhelmed the edges of the pro-life movement. These are people who are hurt, and feel back into a corner, who feel unprotected by society and the legal system, and so they do something violent and unacceptable. They are, in many ways, not unlike the scared mothers who went to Tiller to “take care of it.”

Second, we should pray fervently for Tiller, his family and those hurt by this action, and for the man (Scott Roeder) who is being accused of this. Remember that Tiller was in church at the time this happens. Maybe, just maybe, he had time to make right with God before getting gunned down. Since this occurred on the last day of May (Mary’s month), perhaps a special prayer for her intercession would be appropriate.

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