The Vocation Boom Interview is Up! [FIXED]

As I mentioned earlier, I had an hour-long interview on Vocation Boom on EWTN. The first part is my vocation story, and the second part is Q&A on vocations-related questions. If that sounds interesting to you (or you just want to hear how weird my voice sounds), check out the audio below:

There’s a bit of housekeeping at the start of the program: things get going around the 4 minute mark. You can also download the audio here or here or here (I hope).

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  1. Help me, here. What this quote from Augustine means? Does the Church Fathers accepted DIRECT invocations of saints and angels? Or they only accepted the intercession of saints (without direct invocation or prayers directed to them)?

    Augustine (354-430): If anybody says to you, “Invoke the angel Gabriel in this way, invoke Michael in that; offer the former this little ritual, the latter this other”; don’t be taken in, don’t consent. And don’t let him mislead you just because the names of these angels can be read in the scriptures; observe rather in what role they are to be read there, whether they ever demanded from any men any kind of personal religious veneration for themselves, and did not rather always wish glory to be given to the one God, whom they obey. John E. Rotelle, O.S.A., ed., The Works of Saint Augustine, Newly Discovered Sermons, Part 3, Vol. 11, trans. Edmund Hill, O.P., Sermon 198.47 (Hyde Park: New City Press, 1997), p. 217.

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