The Spirituality of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower

St. Thérèse was only 24 years old when she died in 1897, but she quickly became one of the most famous Saints in the world. Pope St. John Paul II declared her a “Doctor of the Church” for her spiritual writings. So what can we learn from this St. Thérèse, the “Little Flower?” That’s the theme of this talk that I gave at Christ the King on July 26th. I look first at the way her holiness was tied to the holiness of her family (and the importance of living married life well) and then her distinctive teachings on prayer, especially her famous “Little Way,” that Pope Pius XI described as a sure path of salvation.


  1. I love reading your thoughts and am discouraged that there seems to be such recently just audio versions of your talks. Any way that these can be available and transcribed just for reading? Thanks!

    1. I agree, Laura. Today, with only 10 minutes, I flipped through the slides. The words of this Little Flower are so awesome that–no offense to Joe–it was okay there was no time to listen….Terese’s words are pure fragrance. How can anyone read and not weep with awe and gratitude at her shower of word-roses! I will return to listen to Joe’s description of her family–Isn’t it a mystery why God gives some rare few of us a wonderful and holy family while so many others grow up in warped and trying cauldrons of chaos? Where do some children find a little human comfort? Where do they learn they may find it in Him? We all have to become saints, don’t we? Terese had a loving family but lost her mother so young. She knew to turn to the Blessed Mother, who smiled upon her! Could there have been any gift more wonderful to the sensitive and grieving child?

      1. I love reading Joe’s stuff. But when I want to take something in…I want to pause, close my eyes and think about it. Then maybe read it again. Harder to do with audio!

  2. I honor saint Theresa little flower with a statue on the side of my home, we have roses there and they bloom late till winter, she has helped me,answering me, she truly is a great saint who I call upon during spiritual battle, Satan fears her i love you Saint Theresa,

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