The Disturbing Political Reality We Face on Abortion

Today, something truly telling is occurring. One of the two major political parties has made it clear, and quite publicly, that they would rather shut down the entire federal government than give up these two priorities:

It sounds like a smear, as if I’m mis-characterizing the Democrats to make it seem that they’re all about abortion, when in reality they’re fighting for something else.  I’m not.  Republican House Leader John Boehner said that the fight was over spending (whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, funding abortions and a billion dollar abortion-providing federation are bad fiscal choices during a crippling recession), but Reid keeps making it clear that it’s all about Planned Parenthood to the Democrats.  The aptly-named Louise Slaughter (D-NY) has declared that the desire to cut off Planned Parenthood funding is all about a Republican plot to “kill women,” rather than protecting the consciences of taxpayers, or stopping the government from spending money on everything it can think of.
On Gitmo, Iraq, Afghanistan, single-payer, the economy, and a whole slew of other issues, we’ve seen Obama and the Democratic Congressional leadership turncoat when it suits them politically.  Today we found the one issue they’ll fight to the end for, even if it means the federal government shuts down.  Ora pro nobis!

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  1. Joe,
    This topic frustrates me. My concern at this point is how will the debate over PP funding affect the sentiment of the American public. I am hoping if nothing else, pro-lifers gain something over this. I also hope that PP would decide to stop providing abortions.
    God help the unborn!

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