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A Good One-Sentence Kicker

Chris commented on my Thursday post. The comment’s good, but the kicker’s great: “Is it logical to say that because heretics questioned a doctrine, the doctrine itself was therefore ill-defined?” That sentence, had I thought of it earlier, would have been great. It explains the reason that the Catholic Church doesn’t require “universal and continuous […]

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church and Sola Scriptura

From the New York Times: The denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is considering lifting a ban on noncelibate gay and lesbian pastors, permitting the ordination of people in committed same-sex relationships. At issue is how the Bible should inform policy, how the denomination can best serve its mission, and how a vote to […]

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St. Francis De Sales on the Protestant Tower of Babel

St. Francis De Sales is a profound writer, whose Introduction to the Devout Life has been enjoyed by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. While it is specifically and unabashedly Catholic, the work’s broad themes — on the glory of God, our own sinfulness and insignificance, etc. — are powerful to almost any serious Christian. As Bishop […]

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Common Misunderstandings About Catholic Tradition

What do Catholics mean by the statement that they believe in Scripture plus Tradition? Here are some sources of common confusion amongst non-Catholics (and even some poorly catechized Catholics) that I’ve run into. I hope this helps:(1) Tradition is a Separate Deposit of Faith from Scripture. (Alternatively: Tradition and Scripture Are Identical).Neither view is correct. […]

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