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What the Vatican’s “Irish Letter” Really Said

The news media is covering a letter sent from the Vatican to the bishops of Ireland allegedly ordering the cover-up of child sex abuse. The letter said no such thing, but provides an excellent opportunity to example the dangers of the proposed mandatory reporting requirement. I. The BackgroundIn 1997, the Bishops of Ireland were considered […]

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The American and Catholic Understanding of the Episcopacy

First of all, happy St. Nicholas’ Day.  Totally forgot to mention that this morning. Second, John Allen wrote a worthwhile article on the legal troubles which faced Cardinal Michele Giordano.  He uses this example to illustrate the difference between the American and Catholic understanding of what it is to be a Church leader: The typical American […]

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Food for Thought

(1) The stock left-wing claims about the sex abuse scandal are that it was caused by celibacy, and that the cover-up was caused by an all-male priesthood. Given those claims, consider this tidbit: the world’s first Lutheran bishop has resigned, because she covered up sex abuse committed by non-celibate Lutheran pastors. Sort of makes Maureen […]

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