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Keith Mathison and John Calvin on Ecumenical Creeds and Councils

I’ve talked at some length about Calvinist author Keith Mathison’s book The Shape of Sola Scriptura, but enough thoughtful and intelligent Protestants rely on this book that it’s worth responding to again, and from a different direction than before. I. Mathison’s Two-Front War In a nutshell, Mathison argues that there are four views of Tradition.  There’s Tradition 0, the […]

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Aquinas of All Trades

Today, the Church celebrates one of Her greatest theologians, Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Christopher has some good quotes of his up.  The thing that I always find remarkable about St. Thomas Aquinas is that he was one of the most amazing Christians in virtually every field imaginable. There are some Saints who have particularly beautiful writings on […]

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