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Reason #2 to Reject the Reformation: Scriptural Interpretation

Yesterday, I began a multi-part series looking at St. Edmund Campion’s Ten Reasons against the Reformation. The first reason, addressed yesterday, was the canon of Scripture: the Reformers took books out of the Bible (and not even the same books as one another), and end up leaving no coherent authority upon which to have a […]

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A Hilarious Way of Proving Baptismal Regeneration

So, there’s a Lutheran Youtube channel, “Lutheran Satire,” run by a conservative Lutheran (LCMS) named Hans Fiene, and it’s hysterical.  While presented pretty tongue-in-cheek, the clips often make serious points on everything from theological liberalism to Evangelicalism, points on which we Catholics can readily assent to.  A few weeks ago, he posted what may be his best […]

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From Concubine to Spouse

Joe posted earlier about Archbishop Sheehan’s letter regarding pastoral care for cohabitating couples. It caught my attention as I’ve been engaged in a discussion over at American Papist about that very topic. I commend Archbishop Sheehan for providing such clarity to his people and clergy. It’s not an easy topic to discuss. As a still […]

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