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Jewish Purgatory

Ludovico Carracci, An Angel Frees the Souls of Purgatory (1610)
Are Catholics right to pray for the dead, and to believe that such prayers can help to release souls from Purgatory? Many Christians are unaware that these doctrines are Jewish in origin, and that the Jewish practice of praying for the dead continues on to this day. Even fewer are aware that this practice of prayer is tied to a tradition of temporary purgatorial fires after death.

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Does Scripture Teach Us to Pray for the Departed, and to Pray to the Saints?

Daniel Chorny, The Bosom of Abraham (15th c.) In regards to prayer and the Saints, Catholics do two things to which Protestants tend to object: Praying to the Saints: Asking the Saints to pray for us, etc. Praying for the Saints: Praying for the dead, commending their souls to God. Yesterday, I talked about some of […]

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Purgatory and Ghosts

Randal Rauser, an associate professor of historical theology at Taylor Seminary in Canada, wrote a column on Tuesday for the Christian Post, called “Should Christians believe in ghosts?”  He began by showing that the  ancient Israelites believed in ghosts (Rauser points to the conjuring of Solomon in 1 Samuel 18), and that the Apostles believed in […]

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Purgatory Thought Experiments, pt. 2: A Response

TurretinFan has published a “Response to Heschmeyer’s Purgatory Thought Experiments.” The original “Heschmeyer’s Purgatory Thought Experiments” can be found here. I’ll post his comments in red, and my responses in black; when I quote from the original post, I’ll put that in blue. First of all, let me just say that he provides some really […]

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