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The Awesome Power of the Five-Step “Lectio Divina” Method to Scripture

James Tissot, Jesus Teaches in the Synagogues (1886) In his 2010 encyclical Verbum Domini (“The Word of the Lord”), Pope Benedict XVI advocated a particular approach to Scripture as a key, both to our personal sanctification, and to Christian ecumenism: Listening together to the word of God, engaging in biblical lectio divina, letting ourselves be […]

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Why Memorized Prayer?

One of the questions asked in response to the live Shameless Popery series was “What is the Catholic response to Protestant/Fundamentalist ‘push back’ regarding memorized prayer?” This is a question that’s been tackled before on this blog, but I wanted to address it from a different angle. Last time, the focus was on the fact that […]

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The Beauty of Tenebrae

Tenebrae Hearse I went to Tenebrae last night at the Dominican House of Studies.  If you’re not familiar, it’s a beautiful way of reflecting upon the death of Christ.  Here’s how Wikipedia explains it: The principal Tenebrae ceremony is the gradual extinguishing of candles upon a stand in the sanctuary called a hearse.[2] Eventually the Roman […]

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