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Outrageous Discipline-Only Health Education: Let’s Move!

The Obama Administration is celebrating the second anniversary of the controversial Let’s Move! campaign to combat the rise in obesity in the United States. If you don’t think it’s controversial, you should. Even a cursory glance at the many initiatives undertaken through the guidance of First Lady Michelle Obama should note a frightening trend: health […]

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Religious Liberty: Mapping the Developing Landscape

As the debate regarding religious liberty gains attention and momentum, it is prudent to regularly examine the landscape and tone of this crucial discussion. Clarity and proper emphasis are of paramount importance when sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are just as crucial in politics. The White House Blog has made one attempt to […]

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A Disturbing New Day for American Religious Liberty

5.56 x 45mm NATO bullet casing end - rim
As I’ve mentioned previously, the federal government (specifically, the Department of Health and Human Services) is trying to force Catholic hospitals, charities, and schools to pay for abortion-causing drugs, sterilizations, and contraception — all of which directly violate our right to conscience. In my previous post, I compared it to a law attempting to force […]

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Air-Conditioned Atheism, the U.S. Bishops, and the HHS Mandate

Archbishop Chaput’s talk at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life this year is a must-read for anyone concerned with abortion, or with religious freedom. In it, he speaks rather movingly about children with Down Syndrome, and about the increased risk they face of being aborted (a theme I hit on here).  But one of the […]

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The Annual March for Life Media Blackout

This picture is one of numerous great shots highlighted by Matt Cassens on his blog St. Blogustine (which I note in passing is an excellent name for a blog).  Contrast it with Newsweek’s spin from 2010, in an article entitled, Who’s Missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Anniversary Demonstrations? Young Women.  The article rhetorically asked, “where are the […]

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Newly Named Cardinal Thomas Collins Defending the Unborn

Pope Benedict announced 22 new Cardinals, including Archbishop Dolan of New York (the surprise was simply how quickly he became a Cardinal, but I’m thrilled at his elevation). But I wanted to highlight one of the other newly named Cardinals, Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto. Fr. Arne singled him out at Mass today, because he’d […]

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Occupy Occupy?

I don’t understand why I haven’t seen this suggested as a political movement yet:  why don’t the people who dislike Occupy D.C. simply occupy the “occupation”?  That is, just go down to the protest, and occupy tents while their owners are out.  When they come back and demand their tent back, declare that property is theft!  I’m […]

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What’s the State Interest in Promoting Gay Marriage?

Over at Little Catholic Bubble, I’ve been talking about the most important question in the gay “marriage” debate: namely, “What is marriage?” What I’ve consistently found is that defenders of the traditional definition of marriage have a pretty good idea of what marriage is (or at least, is supposed to be), while advocates of gay […]

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