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The Unborn Child is a Child. Literally.

When pro-lifers refer to the unborn child as a child, we get accused of playing games with language. The opposite is true, as Ramesh Ponnuru pointed out (fairly) recently. Originally the word “child” referred only to unborn children. From the Online Etymology Dictionary: child (n.)  Old English cild “fetus, infant, unborn or newly born person,” from Proto-Germanic *kiltham (cf. […]

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“Where Are You Going, America?” Abp. Naumann’s Challenge to the Nation

We celebrate Independence Day this year in the shadow of the Supreme Court’s recent decision affirming the constitutional authority of the individual mandate (and indeed, the ability of Congress to tax inactivity), and as the last day of the USCCB’s Fortnight for Freedom. As part of the Fortnight, I went with two buses full of […]

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The New Eugenics: How Abortion Disempowers Mothers

In his 2009 essay Her Choice, Her Problem, Prof. Richard Stith argues that, paradoxically, “the option of abortion actually makes sympathy and solidarity—and thus women’s empowerment—less likely.” As he explained: Anonymous, Pregnant Mary (detail) (1505) When birth was the result of passion and bad luck, some people could sympathize with a young woman who was going […]

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Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, and the Religion in the Public Square

Carl A. Anderson gave the Address at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast last month, and spoke eloquently on the place of religion in the public square. He cited to President Kennedy’s 1961 Inaugural Address, in which the president spoke of the rights for which “our forebears fought,” namely “the belief that the rights of man […]

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Gay Marriage, Incest, and Polygamy

One of the most often-mocked arguments in the debate over “gay marriage” is the argument that permitting gay marriage leads to permitting incestuous marriages, polygamy, and the like.  The  problem is, the argument is solid, and I’ve yet to hear a coherent answer for it.  For example, Jon Davidson evades the argument, rather than answering it: Jon Davidson Bringing up […]

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HHS Rally Recap

Yesterday, I went to the HHS Mandate protest outside the offices of the Department of Health and Human Services here in D.C.  It was a great experience: upbeat, generally respectful of those on the other side, prayerful, and resolute.   The scene on my approach to the rally.  There were certainly a lot of women […]

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How Should We Treat Bishops and Politicians?

A couple months ago, Msgr. Charles Pope had an excellent post warning about a disturbing trend: namely, that conservative, otherwise orthodox Catholics were starting to treat the bishops with disdain: I am well aware of the (often legitimate) frustrations by some Catholics that the Bishops, either individually or collectively have not always shepherded in a […]

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