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Something to Pray for: The Legal Battle for Marriage

If you’re not aware, the legal battle surrounding California’s gay marriage ban Proposition 8 is inching towards the Supreme Court, and your prayers are very much needly. Briefly: May 2008: The California Supreme Court declared that the California Constitution required that gay marriage be legal. It turns out no one had noticed this part of […]

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Potentially Great News on Healthcare & Abortion

The Stupak Amendment passed the House’s floor vote, meaning that the House version of the health-care bill now contains strong pro-life language preventing federal funds from being used to finance abortion. What this means, practically speaking. (1) The Democrats’ health-care bill should pass the House easily now, and (2) if the House version goes into […]

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Bart Stupak (D-MI) Speaks Out Against Abortion in the Healthcare Bill

A lot of people are arguing that all the talk about abortion being covered by the proposed healthcare bills is a partisan political ruse, designed to derail Obamacare, a legislative defeat which could send his entire agenda reeling in the months before midterm elections (yup, they’re already talking about that here in D.C. – it’s […]

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The Red Mass

As a Catholic law student living in Washington, D.C., I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this past Sunday was the annual Red Mass. The Red Mass is a Mass for those involved with the law – judges, prosecutors, attorneys, law school professors, law school students, and the like. As a group, I suppose […]

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