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March for Life Recap

I. The March ItselfThe March for Life on Friday was pretty excellent. I’ve heard it was the largest ever, which is more surprising, because the weather was expected to be pretty bad. Literally tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands (estimates range between the obviously-too-low 50,000 to the probably-too-high 300,000 for the number of […]

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Number 41

As I’m sure everyone (at least in the US) is well aware, Scott Brown just became the newest Senator from Massachusetts. His seat was opened when Sen. Ted Kennedy (who lead much of the push for the healthcare bill, and was a political mentor to Obama) died. His death increased the demand for a comprehensive […]

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Something to Pray for: The Legal Battle for Marriage

If you’re not aware, the legal battle surrounding California’s gay marriage ban Proposition 8 is inching towards the Supreme Court, and your prayers are very much needly. Briefly: May 2008: The California Supreme Court declared that the California Constitution required that gay marriage be legal. It turns out no one had noticed this part of […]

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Potentially Great News on Healthcare & Abortion

The Stupak Amendment passed the House’s floor vote, meaning that the House version of the health-care bill now contains strong pro-life language preventing federal funds from being used to finance abortion. What this means, practically speaking. (1) The Democrats’ health-care bill should pass the House easily now, and (2) if the House version goes into […]

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Bart Stupak (D-MI) Speaks Out Against Abortion in the Healthcare Bill

A lot of people are arguing that all the talk about abortion being covered by the proposed healthcare bills is a partisan political ruse, designed to derail Obamacare, a legislative defeat which could send his entire agenda reeling in the months before midterm elections (yup, they’re already talking about that here in D.C. – it’s […]

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The Red Mass

As a Catholic law student living in Washington, D.C., I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this past Sunday was the annual Red Mass. The Red Mass is a Mass for those involved with the law – judges, prosecutors, attorneys, law school professors, law school students, and the like. As a group, I suppose […]

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