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How Train Cars and Set Theory Prove the Existence of God

Perhaps the strongest argument against atheism is the argument from contingency. In its barest form, it goes something like this: A. All of reality, without exception, breaks down into one of two possible categories: (1) that which is contingent, and (2) that which is non-contingent. Let me explain what I mean by both the terms, […]

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The Single Best Argument Against Philosophical Materialism?

Robert Ritchie, commenting on Wednesday’s post refuting philosophical materialism, raised another important line of argumentation: that we can see that philosophical materialism is false because of “the reliability of our cognitive functions.” Ritchie described the argument as “exceedingly powerful,” and “for my money, is the best single argument against materialism.” I’ll let you be the judge […]

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Calvin and Hobbes

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is. Hilarious. (source). The strip’s publisher has explained the reason Bill Watterson chose the names Calvin and Hobbes for his characters: Calvin is named for a sixteenth-centurn theologian who believed in predestination, while Hobbes is named after a seventeenth-century philosphoer with a dim view of human nature. The names […]

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Just Can’t Resist

Rarely is one’s entire belief system dismantled as quickly as Deepak Chopra’s is here: The argument works, of course, against post-modernism, and all forms of truth-claims which claim that “the truth is that there is no truth.” But most of the people peddling that junk don’t walk broadside into their inconsistencies in front of a […]

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