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Felix Roma: The Role of Rome in the True Church

"O happy Rome, stained purple with the precious blood of so many princes! You excel all the beauty of the world, not by your own glory, but by the merits of the saints whose throats you cut with bloody swords."

Three Rome-themed mini-posts to commemorate Sts. Peter and Paul: (I) the necessity of being united with the Roman Church, (II) the Roman Church not being the Seat of the Antichrist, and (III) an exciting new Catholic podcast centered around Rome.

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So. Much. Popery!

I have two big pieces of news to share: 1) As you might have noticed, I’ve got a new blog layout and a new web address. I’ve switched over from Blogspot to WordPress, which should give me a little more flexibility in designing the page. All of this was made possible by John  Lamansky, a seminarian for […]

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6 Early Christian Controversies That Protestantism Can’t Explain

Woodcut of St. Patrick, Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) In an article entitled Saint Patrick the Baptist?, Stephen R. Button tries to claim St. Patrick for Evangelical Protestantism… or at least disassociate him from Roman Catholicism. Button is hardly alone: you can find similar attempts by Don Boys and others, some of them dating back several decades. The argument tends […]

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The Gospel of St. Peter’s: Jesus Doesn’t Need You.

St. Peter’s Square St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest, most famous, and most beautiful churches in the world. Rightly has it been called “the greatest of all churches of Christendom.” Although the pope’s cathedral is actually St. John Lateran, St. Peter’s Basilica is the church typically associated with the papacy. After all, it’s […]

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