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The Road to Recovery

This week, we’ve looked at how certain diseased elements within the Catholic Church: looking specifically at parts of the American Catholic Church and at the Jesuits. What’s most striking about this latter example is that the Jesuits, the religious order most openly in dissent from Rome, is also the religious order which takes a special […]

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Papal Lineage

Catholic Eye Candy, a blog which aims to depict the beauty of all things Catholic, had a very nice post on papal lineage, consisting of a series of popes meeting with their successors (e.g., Pope Paul VI meets with the future Pope John Paul I, JPI meets with the future JPII, JPII meets with the […]

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Back-Handed Compliments from CRI Founder Dr. Walter Martin

I was reading criticisms of Catholicism by Dr. Walter R. Martin, founder of the Christian Research Institute. If you’re not familiar, CRI is the group that Hank “Bible Answer Man” Hanegraaff took over upon Martin’s death. Anyways, here’s what Martin has to say (these quotes, including emphasis and brackets, are from here; all I’ve done […]

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The Jews, the Papacy, and the Antichrist: Like a Bad Joke Waiting to Happen

More from Reese (use the Reese Currie tag to catch up if you need to). He’s in red, I’m the rest. Little bit of back story needed for #8 here. Reese had argued (as others, like Keith Mathison have, as well) that the Church doesn’t have the authority to set the Old Testament Canon, because […]

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AP: SSPX Ordinations Are “Valid But Illicit.”

I can’t believe it. An AP story on MSNBC nailed a thoroughly confusing issue regarding the canonical status of the 4 bishops whose excommunications were lifted by Pope Benedict XVI. Check it out: The church considers the society’s ordinations are “valid but illicit.”They are valid because Lefebvre was a validly ordained bishop in the CatholicChurch, […]

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Mea Maxima Culpa

A few apologies I felt were in order: Mea Culpa: I managed to write about papal infallibility with hardly a reference to the Early Church Fathers. The ECFs are probably the strongest support for the papacy, and papal infallibility. For example, St. Irenaeus, in his book Against Heresies (Book 3, Chapter 3, section 2) written […]

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Il Papa! Papal Infallibility, pt. 3: The Good Shepherd Calls a Shepherd

This is part three of an exploration of the origins of the papacy and the idea of papal infallibility. Yesterday, we looked at how papal infallibility is the natural result of a Holy Spirit protected Church lead on Earth by one man. This raised the obvious question: did Christ establish a Church to be lead […]

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