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Celebrating the Real St. Francis of Assisi

Nazario Gerardi as St. Francis of Assisi, from the film Francesco, Giullare di Dio
Pope Pius XI, G.K. Chesterton, and Pope Francis have all warned about the danger of a sort of "False Francis of Assisi," of loving a sort of distorted vision of the great Saint of Assisi. The truth is, all of those things that the world (rightly) loves about St. Francis are, in fact, simply the natural result of St. Francis' love of God. If you ignore that root of sanctity, you end up with these false Francises: Francis the Hippie, Francis the Italian Nationalist, Francis the poet, etc. The true Francis is Francis the Lover, which is to say, Francis the Saint.

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The Pope and the Mongols

Vincent of Beauvais, Pope Innocent IV sends Dominicans and Franciscans out to the Tartars. From Le Miroir Historial (Vol. IV).
As the State Department has just acknowledged, we are currently witnessing the attempted genocide of Christians by ISIS. But this isn't the first (and won't be the last) time that someone tries to wipe the Church off of the map. One of the most frightening was the invasion of the Mongolian "Golden Horde" in the 13th century. We could learn a thing or two from Pope Innocent IV's response.

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Felix Roma: The Role of Rome in the True Church

"O happy Rome, stained purple with the precious blood of so many princes! You excel all the beauty of the world, not by your own glory, but by the merits of the saints whose throats you cut with bloody swords."

Three Rome-themed mini-posts to commemorate Sts. Peter and Paul: (I) the necessity of being united with the Roman Church, (II) the Roman Church not being the Seat of the Antichrist, and (III) an exciting new Catholic podcast centered around Rome.

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