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Is Religion Responsible for the World’s Violence?

Sébastien Mamerot, Second Battle of Ramla, from Les Passages d’Outremer (1475) Last week, a “gun-toting atheist” and self-proclaimed “anti-theist” killed three Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There’s some question still about whether the killer was motivated by atheism or some other motivation. What there’s no question of is that much of the secular response was predictably […]

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What the Media Got Wrong about Pope Francis and Evolution

Have you heard about Pope Francis’ recent comments about God, evolution, and Creation? If so, chances are you’ve heard wrong. Brantly Millegan with ChurchPOP asked me to write a post clearing up some of the confusion. Here’s the first of my three points: No, The Pope Isn’t an Atheist Amazingly, the popular news site Independent Journal […]

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Stephen Colbert and the Death of Protestant America

Stephen Colbert, 2007(Photo: David Shankbone) Certain events, small in themselves, can serve as cultural bellwethers, pointing to the direction that the culture is going as a whole. Two years ago, we saw one of these in the replacement of the Supreme Court’s last Protestant, Justice David Souter (an Episcopalian), with Justice Sonia Sotomayor (a Catholic). […]

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Help Fund a Nun!

Update: See below. My friend Mary Beth Baker is entering the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecila, better known as the Nashville Dominicans. It’s a good example of God’s sense of humor, since she’s been running a blog about life as a single Catholic girl in D.C. for some time now. She’s actually the second of […]

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Rwanda and Forgiveness, Twenty Years On

The skull, Rosary, and belongings of a genocide victim,Genocide Memorial Center, Kigali, Rwanda. Twenty years ago today, the unthinkable occurred: a post-Holocaust genocide. On April 7th, 1994, in the east African nation of Rwanda, militant Hutus began a 100-day of terror, slaughtering countless Tutsis, along with Twa (Rwandan pygmies) and moderate Hutus. All told, an […]

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The HHS Mandate is “Self-Defeating”? A Federal Court of Appeals Weighs In.

The Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued an important ruling about the HHS Mandate today. The ruling makes several important points, and frames the HHS Mandate debate in a productive way. It’s certainly an exciting moment for those of us against the mandate, even though it doesn’t go nearly as far […]

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The Key to Understanding Pope Francis’ Pastoral Approach

“Love It, Learn It, Live It.” That’s the slogan my archbishop, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, chose for the Faith Initiative for the Year for Faith. I was initially surprised by the ordering, since it seemed to me that it would be more logical to put “Learn it” first. Apparently, I wasn’t alone: one of the priests […]

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