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Marian Days!

Despite growing up in Missouri, I had not until very recently learned that one of the US’ largest Catholic events takes place in my home state. Turns out, sleepy Carthage, Missouri (2000 Census population: 12,668) is home every year to a three-day Vietnamese-American Catholic bonanza called Marian Days in early August. The event averages 50-70,000 […]

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Proving Too Much, Part II

I came across one of David Green’s opponents — a friendly seeming young guy named Brian — defending the notion of historic Christianity against innovations like hyper-Preterism. I asked him, more or less, what I posed in yesterday’s post: how can you reject theological novelties like hyper-Preterism on the basis that they are novelties, without […]

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Good Enough Christianity?

Protestant View #3: Good Enough Christianity?The first view is directly contrary to Scripture, while the second one is directly contrary to history (and less obviously, contrary to Scripture as well). As cooler heads have prevailed after the Reformation, it seems that many Protestants are admitting the break with Rome occurred over some pretty unimportant stuff, […]

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