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Is Praying to the Saints Idolatrous?

Praying to the Saints isn't just not idolatry. It's the opposite of idolatry. Idolatry relies upon the idea that God is impotent, or at least not powerful or loving enough. Prayer to the Saints relies upon the idea that God is sovereign, and powerful or loving enough to answer the prayers we're asking the Saints to make for us. So the logic of prayer to the Saints and the logic of idolatry are diametrically opposed.

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5 New Testament Promises for the Church Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

Image from the Waldburg Prayer Book (1476),showing the Coronation of Mary, and the Sacrifice of the Mass Stat crux dum volvitur orbis is the motto of the Carthusian religious order. It’s Latin for “The Cross is steady while the world is turning.” It’s a recognition that the Gospel is timeless and eternal.  But the Gospel […]

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Rwanda and Forgiveness, Twenty Years On

The skull, Rosary, and belongings of a genocide victim,Genocide Memorial Center, Kigali, Rwanda. Twenty years ago today, the unthinkable occurred: a post-Holocaust genocide. On April 7th, 1994, in the east African nation of Rwanda, militant Hutus began a 100-day of terror, slaughtering countless Tutsis, along with Twa (Rwandan pygmies) and moderate Hutus. All told, an […]

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