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Battle of the Marinis and the Future of the Liturgy

Washington Post’s coverage on the difference between Archbishop Piero Marini, the liturgist under Pope John Paul II from 1987 onwards, and his young replacement, Monsignor Guido Marini (no relation), the liturgist under Pope Benedict XVI since 2007, is worth the read.  In short, “Marini the Elder” favored trying to add a lot of local flair […]

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The Sign of Peace

The Sign of Peace is one of the parts of the Liturgy which extends all the way back to the Apostles. However, it’s taken a few different forms, and has had different meanings attached to it. I. The Sign of Peace in the Bible To begin with, the Sign of Peace was originally a kiss. […]

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The Mass Done Right

I’ve done my share of kvetching about the Mass done poorly — those Masses with sappy songs about and to us; those homilies which start out bland and end up heretical; all done within the confines of a church which looks like a conference room in wartime. I mention these things for one major reason: […]

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Why Doesn’t John’s Gospel Mention the Institution of the Eucharist?

I’ve wondered in the past why John’s Gospel doesn’t include the Institution of the Eucharist. John’s Gospel is heavily Eucharistic, and notes that Jesus’ Eucharistic discourse occurs at the time of the Passover (John 6:4), a year before the Institution itself. And when he gets to the Last Supper, the point at which the Synoptic […]

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Hell Froze Over!

Thanks be to God, alleluia, alleluia! And a joyful Easter for all! A solidly orthodox bishop for Los Angeles. As usual: Whispers in the Loggia and American Papist have the scoop. Bishop Jose Gomez, currently Archbishop of San Antonio, is going to stand out as LA’s archbishop for a number of reasons. The media will […]

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Protestantism’s Eastern Blindspot

That’s the title of an excellent post by Orthocath, an ex-Eastern Catholic (now Eastern Orthodox) blogger. His point is that Protestants frequently claim things like Catholic Eucharistic theology are Medieval inventions … completely ignoring that the Eastern Orthodox hold virtually identical views, despite the Great Schism of 1054. And to those Protestants who would suggest […]

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