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Jesus Makes the National Catholic Reporter Feel Like Losers?

The National Catholic Reporter appears to be claiming that Jesus makes them feel like losers.  This bizarre claim comes from their editorial against the new translation of the Mass texts. Here’s what they said: Because of our belief in one family in this big tent, we are loath to characterize disagreements as battles. Battles have winners and […]

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What Shawshank Redemption Can Teach Us About the Liturgy

There’s a great scene in the film Shawshank Redemption, one of the best prison movies of all time, in which a prisoner, Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), plays “Duettino – Sull’aria” from the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” over the prison P.A. system.  You can watch the clip from the movie here, or just listen to the song below: What I […]

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Reform of the Reform?

Over at Faith and Reason, there’s an interesting discussion about the 2003 book The Reform of the Reform? A Liturgical Debate: Reform or Return, by Fr. Thomas Kocik. While I haven’t read the book, the review (which I’ve re-posted in full, below) makes clear what his position is: instead of throwing away everything before Vatican […]

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Jerusalem Matins: a Beautiful Way to Celebrate Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday sometimes gets lost in the mix in Roman-Rite Catholicism.  Holy Thursday is huge (the Institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood), Good Friday is huge (Christ removing the curse of sin on the Cross), and Easter Sunday is huge (the Resurrection).  And Easter Vigil on Saturday night is the biggest Mass of the […]

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Learning the Bible Through Sunday Mass

One major difference in liturgical style between Catholics and Evangelicals is the Lectionary.  Both of us rely on “expository preaching,” which means that we base our sermons/homilies off of Scripture.  Evangelical pastors typically choose the passage they want to preach on — this is called “the Individual Choice Method.”  Catholics, and many Protestant denominations, follow […]

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