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Palm Sunday Soul Booster

Giotto, Entry into Jerusalem (1305)
To get deeper into the spirit of Holy Week, and to help you to do the same, I'll be posting daily "soul boosts" containing the following: (1) a hymn tied to the liturgical day; (2) a timely Biblical text; (3) a beautiful piece of religious art; (4) a spiritual reflection; and (5) a Saint you should get to know (or get to know better). Today's Palm Sunday, also called Passion Sunday (or "Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord"). Let's start with the obvious: why does this day go by two different titles?

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Why was Jesus Born of a Virgin? (Four Wrong Answers, and the Right One)

As Christmas day approaches, we’re also confronted with a part of the faith that has caused great difficulty for Catholic and Protestant believers alike: the Virgin Birth. About a quarter of Americans deny the Virgin Birth (along with about a quarter of Anglican clergy in England). What should we say to these doubters? Why should we believe in the Virgin Birth, and why does it matter? Why was Jesus born of a Virgin? And why did the early Christians think this doctrine so important that they included it in both the Apostle's Creed and Nicene Creed as a core part of what it is to hold the Christian faith?

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The O Antiphons

Back in 2011, I wrote a series of reflections for the last seven evenings of Advent (tonight through the evening of December 23rd), focused upon the traditional “O Antiphons” tied to each night.  Each one addresses Christ by a different title, based upon the Messianic prophesies in the Book of Isaiah.  Most people are familiar with these titles […]

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