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The Real St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s a snippet from an email I got from Catholic Culture yesterday: Perhaps we can do better on Wednesday than mustering another secular drinking bout in honor of Saint Patrick. The restoration of Catholic culture demands that we celebrate feast days with keen attention to the virtues of the saint in […]

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St. Casmir

This tells you everything you need to know about my family: yesterday morning, my dad called to wish me a happy birthday, and to tell me it was St. Casmir’s feast day, who died on March 4, 1484, at the tender age of 26. So, my dad said, enjoy being 25. Lovely. On a more […]

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Ash Wednesday!

Today’s Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent!1. What the Ash Wednesday Fast Consists OfThis is from St. Mary’s bulletin from this past Sunday: FAST AND ABSTINENCE: Everyone over 14 years of age is bound to observe abstinence (NO MEAT). ABSTINENCE IS TO BE OBSERVED ON ALL FRIDAYS OF LENT AND ON ASH WEDNESDAY. On […]

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