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A Hilarious Way of Proving Baptismal Regeneration

So, there’s a Lutheran Youtube channel, “Lutheran Satire,” run by a conservative Lutheran (LCMS) named Hans Fiene, and it’s hysterical.  While presented pretty tongue-in-cheek, the clips often make serious points on everything from theological liberalism to Evangelicalism, points on which we Catholics can readily assent to.  A few weeks ago, he posted what may be his best […]

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Pharisees, Pelagians, and Catholics on Justification

I’m sure most people reading this blog have heard more than they’d care to about justification this week, but there was one last point I wanted to bring up, both because it’s interesting, and because I said I’d address it earlier this week.  The idea is this: many Christians, particularly Protestants, read “Pharisees,” and think […]

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The Catholic View on Justification (and Sanctification)

Almost every Catholic can you tell you stories about Protestants who tell them they’re damned for believing in works-righteousness, and then tell them they’re bad Catholics when they explain that they don’t believe in works-righteousness.  If you’ve been reading the comments on the post from a few days ago, you’ll see that my turn has […]

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How Do We Know Which Traditions Are Apostolic?

In response to my post on the NIV’s skewed translation (namely, that the translate bad paradosis as “tradition” and good paradosis as “teachings,” even though it’s the exact same word), a blogger calling himself “The 27th Comrade” raised a number of arguments.  He noted at the beginning of his second comment, “While this comment here may […]

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