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What Does the Book of James Say About Justification?

Perhaps no single doctrinal issue has caused more division between Catholics and Protestants than the question of justification, or how we are made righteous before God.  Catholic believe that we are justified by faith, but must cultivate this faith through good works done in obedience to God (what St. Paul calls the “obedience of faith,” in […]

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The Case Against Protestant Special Pleading

If you’re not familiar, “special pleading” is a type of logical fallacy; Wikipedia explains that it “involves someone attempting to cite something as an exemption to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exemption.” So for example, you might argue for the general rule that “thieves should be punished, because stealing is wrong,” but then […]

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Why Did the Law of Moses Exist?

I’ve been listening to a very good talk on Galatians 2-5 given by Christendom College’s Professor Eric Jenislawski called  “Saint Paul’s Galatians: Are You Saved?”  That talk, and countless others, are available free on the Institute of Catholic Culture’s website. In it, he poses the question: Given how emphatically St. Paul denies that the Law of Moses can save us, […]

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Purgatory and Ghosts

Randal Rauser, an associate professor of historical theology at Taylor Seminary in Canada, wrote a column on Tuesday for the Christian Post, called “Should Christians believe in ghosts?”  He began by showing that the  ancient Israelites believed in ghosts (Rauser points to the conjuring of Solomon in 1 Samuel 18), and that the Apostles believed in […]

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Can Classical Protestantism Affirm the Lord’s Prayer?

Called to Communion had a great discussion on this topic in regards to Calvinism, but I wanted to look at the same thing in regards to traditional Lutheranism. Pastor Hemmer of Hope Lutheran Church contrasts the Lutheran position with Catholicism quite neatly: Can you be forgiven of sins you have not yet committed?  The answer to […]

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