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Kate Childs Graham begins her most recent contribution to National Catholic Reporter’s Young Voices blog, “Most weekends, I wake up early and tip-toe downstairs before my partner stirs.” Yup. Not only is she an avowed lesbian, but she’s cohabitating. Openly and proudly, even, and using it as an intro for an anecdote ostensibly about Catholicism. […]

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Virginia 1, Antichrist 0?

So this is bizarre: The Virgina House of Delegates on Wednesday approved a measure that could protect Virginia residents from overbearing employers, and possibly the apocalypse. The law would make it illegal to implant an identification or tracking device into a person’s body without their written consent. Call me crazy, but did someone think that […]

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Donate to Peter’s Pence, And Cut Your Hair!

Trying to find out more about Peter’s Pence*, I looked on the relevant Vatican’s site, and came across something pretty funny: The general criterion that inspires the Peter’s Pence Collection is derived fromthe primitive Church:“The primary source of support for the Apostolic See should be in offerings freely given by Catholics throughout the whole world, […]

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