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A Hilarious Way of Proving Baptismal Regeneration

So, there’s a Lutheran Youtube channel, “Lutheran Satire,” run by a conservative Lutheran (LCMS) named Hans Fiene, and it’s hysterical.  While presented pretty tongue-in-cheek, the clips often make serious points on everything from theological liberalism to Evangelicalism, points on which we Catholics can readily assent to.  A few weeks ago, he posted what may be his best […]

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Catholic April Fool’s Joke Taken To a New Level

Unam Sanctam Catholicam, a traditionalist Catholic blog, had not one, but two, elaborate April Fool’s Day Hoaxes. The first: JOHN PAUL II’S BEATIFICATION POSTPONED INDEFINITELYThe second: RECTIFICARE ERRATA NRO’s Kathyrn Jean Lopez admitted to getting duped by the first joke.  The second joke is a fake encyclical written by Pope Benedict condemning everything from Medjugorje, to Communion in […]

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Protestant Radio Station: Judgment Day is May 21st, 2011

I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t heard it, but out here in D.C., there’s a fringe Protestant radio station that combines some pretty standard programming (worship music, people talking about the Bible, etc.) with repeated claims that the world ends next year.  The station, Family Radio, has this greeting visitors to their webpage: Just […]

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Calvin and Hobbes

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is. Hilarious. (source). The strip’s publisher has explained the reason Bill Watterson chose the names Calvin and Hobbes for his characters: Calvin is named for a sixteenth-centurn theologian who believed in predestination, while Hobbes is named after a seventeenth-century philosphoer with a dim view of human nature. The names […]

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Worst of Both Worlds

What if you were to combine the worst elements of traditional Catholic hymns (and the worst element I can think of is, “It’s in a language the singers often don’t understand”) with the worst elements of hippie Catholic folk-pop (which I don’t think need listing)? Ahem. I suppose I should be pleased the song’s in […]

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First v. Second Amendment: There Can Be Only One!

A weird phenomenon is afoot in Middle American Catholicism. States are passing conceal-and-carry laws, and Catholic churches are putting up signs forbidding guns in church. It’s certainly a weird thing for non-Midwesterners to see when they’re coming in to church. It’s about to spread, as the same pattern is happening down in Louisiana. This is […]

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Soccer and Catholicism

Yesterday was my friend Carlos’ birthday, and he’s been asking me for weeks to do a post about “how soccer is like Catholicism,” without giving me even a hint where he’s seeing a connection. After giving it some thought, here’s what I’ve got: Catholicism is very diverse, but not in the way that Protestantism or […]

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