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Weak T: Transgenderism’s Philosophical Weaknesses

A lot's been said about the case of Olympic decathalon Bruce Jenner's decision to undergo a "sex change" operation, and to call himself "Caitlyn." Unfortunately, a good deal of it has been sound and fury, signifying nothing: either cruel jokes at Jenner's expense, or accusations of bigotry for anyone who hasn't hopped on the transgender bandwagon. A better approach would be to soberly consider the underlying philosophical problems raised by transgenderism, and then suggest a positive way of responding to trans-identifying people. So that's what I've tried to do here, beginning with:

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Taking a “People First” Approach to Homosexual Attraction and Actions

I want to spend this, my first blog post of 2014, addressing how we think about the subject of homosexual attractions and actions. For what it’s worth, much of this applies to heterosexual attractions and inclinations, as well. I think an overhaul in our thinking on the subject is long overdue. Hear me out, then […]

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A Blessing from the East: Russian Orthodoxy’s Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

An Eastern Orthodox reader of Mark Shea’s blog asked: Have you ever heard of Met. Hilarion Alfeyev? He’s the No. 2 figure in the Russian Orthodox Church, the church’s chief diplomat. He’s only 44 years old. Super-brilliant guy, and startlingly open to the West. I heard him speak this past weekend in NYC, and let […]

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The Bizarre Politics of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The politics of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell have been downright bizarre lately.  It’s pitted Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid against gay rights groups, and pitted the Obama Administration against a Republican group in California… and not on the the side you think. I. Reid v. Gay Rights GroupsAs background, the Senate Republicans were filibustering […]

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A Telling Comment

Back in March, I posted on Georgetown’s Law’s “Lavender Graduation.” It is, in the words of Dean of Student Mitch Bailin,”a special ceremony designed to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Georgetown’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender graduating students.” My argument is pretty simple: there’s simply no way a self-proclaimed Catholic university can affirm this. […]

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A Utilitarian Argument for Catholic Sexual Ethics, Part II

In response to my original post on this subject, Steve makes three arguments:First…. There are several ridiculous arguments here, but Policy consideration #4 is a real clinker: homosexual sex and non-intercourse “come with the costs of emotional bonding and enhanced risk of STD… [and] the benefits for the sexual partners are fleeting.” Wrong. You point […]

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The Twilight of Modernism

A reader writes… Most Catholics and most others are pro life. It doesn’t mean they want to recriminalize abortion, contraception, return to the days before divorce was easily available or further stigmatize homosexuality, neither do they embrace the culture of pseudo celibate, closeted Gay, clergy. They aren’t misogynists, homophobes, child sodomizers or heretic burners. Most […]

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