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Reason #8 to Reject the Reformation: Heterodoxy

While not all of the causes of the Protestant Reformation were theological, some of them undoubtedly were. So St. Edmund Campion, in the eighth of his Ten Reasons against the Reformation, addressed some of these. Specifically, he considers certain “impossible positions” that the Reformers held “on God, on Christ, on Man, on Sin, on Justice, on Sacraments, [and] on […]

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Son Rise Morning Show: The Problems of Free Will, Evil, and Hell

At 8:50 (Eastern) this morning, I’m going to be on Son Rise Morning Show, talking about the problems of free will, evil, and Hell. This morning, you’ll only be able to hear me online (unless you happen to live in Cincinnati). So if you want to listen to it live, go to http://www.sonrisemorningshow.com/, and click the “On the Air: Click to […]

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How Did the Puritans Become Unitarians?

One of the strangest religious transitions in American history is that the Puritan congregations in New England became Unitarian Universalists.  It would be hard to find a religious group who cared more about getting doctrine exactly right than the Puritans, yet within the span of only a few generations, they’d devolved into something unrecognizable as either […]

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