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Is the Book of Judith Historically Accurate?

I. General Historicity of the Deuterocanon One of the oft-repeated claims against the validity of the Deuterocanonical books is that they’re historically unreliable. This is generally untrue. In fact, without them, there’s no Biblical record for the establishment of one of the biggest religious holidays in Judaism: Hanukkah, which Jesus Himself celebrates (see John 10:22). […]

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Common Misunderstandings About Catholic Tradition

What do Catholics mean by the statement that they believe in Scripture plus Tradition? Here are some sources of common confusion amongst non-Catholics (and even some poorly catechized Catholics) that I’ve run into. I hope this helps:(1) Tradition is a Separate Deposit of Faith from Scripture. (Alternatively: Tradition and Scripture Are Identical).Neither view is correct. […]

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Papal Lineage

Catholic Eye Candy, a blog which aims to depict the beauty of all things Catholic, had a very nice post on papal lineage, consisting of a series of popes meeting with their successors (e.g., Pope Paul VI meets with the future Pope John Paul I, JPI meets with the future JPII, JPII meets with the […]

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For More on Holdren

I suggest you check out GetReligion’s great piece contrasting the media attention given to geneticist Dr. Francis S. Collins, on account of his being publicly an evangelical (and thinking it compatible with science), vs. the virtual silence given to Holdren. It also has a list of crazy views he’s espoused, and cites appropriately to another […]

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