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For More on Holdren

I suggest you check out GetReligion’s great piece contrasting the media attention given to geneticist Dr. Francis S. Collins, on account of his being publicly an evangelical (and thinking it compatible with science), vs. the virtual silence given to Holdren. It also has a list of crazy views he’s espoused, and cites appropriately to another […]

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Donate to Peter’s Pence, And Cut Your Hair!

Trying to find out more about Peter’s Pence*, I looked on the relevant Vatican’s site, and came across something pretty funny: The general criterion that inspires the Peter’s Pence Collection is derived fromthe primitive Church:“The primary source of support for the Apostolic See should be in offerings freely given by Catholics throughout the whole world, […]

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Dr. Julian Simon, the Catholic Church, and “Overpopulation”

An economist from the Cato Institute by the name of Julian Simon was something of a legendary figure due to his work debunking the various overpopulation myths. He famously bet Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, about the prices of various natural resources. Ehrlich’s theory was that as populations grew, scarcity would increase, and […]

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