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What the Media Got Wrong about Pope Francis and Evolution

Have you heard about Pope Francis’ recent comments about God, evolution, and Creation? If so, chances are you’ve heard wrong. Brantly Millegan with ChurchPOP asked me to write a post clearing up some of the confusion. Here’s the first of my three points: No, The Pope Isn’t an Atheist Amazingly, the popular news site Independent Journal […]

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Are We to Take the Bible “Literally”?

Dr. Peter Enns, an Evangelical blogger and Affiliate Processor of Biblical Studies at Eastern University, has started an interesting conversation on the appropriate way to analyze and understand Genesis 1-3 specifically, and the Bible more generally.  I wanted to wade into this controversy, because I think Enns shows us the need for solid Biblical hermeneutics, and in […]

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Young Earth Creationism, and the Danger of Needless Barriers to the Faith

In Isaiah 44:24, amongst other places, the prophet Isaiah says that God formed us in the womb.  Imagine a Christian taking this to mean that sex had nothing to do with procreation.   Loudly proclaiming that you had to choose either the word of God (which says God formed you in the womb) or science (which says […]

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Easter and Earth Day

Sunday, in addition to being Easter, was also Earth Day.  Earth Day always falls on the 22nd, and unlike the Philippines, we didn’t have the good sense to just move Earth Day to Monday to avoid stepping on the toes of Christians who think the Resurrection of God the Son is more important than “Mother Earth.” […]

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Hawking and Mlodinow’s Proof for God, Revisited

In February, I wrote a post showing that Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow’s attempt to disprove the necessity of a Creator actually does the opposite.  By having a book-length discussion of the logical premises which atheists have to accept in order to write off a Creator, it became clear that the argument was circular.  This was the […]

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How to Use (and Not Use) Biblical Genealogies

How to Use Biblical Genealogies Biblical genealogies serve a lot of helpful purposes.  First, they show everyone’s connection to everyone else. Understanding who’s who, and how they’re related to those around them is vital just to get what’s going on. Second, they often have important Christological purposes.  For example, Matthew and Luke follow different parts […]

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Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow’s Inadvertent Proof for God

There’s an old saying about giving a man enough rope, and he’ll hang himself – the idea being that if someone is wrong or lying, the longer they go on, the more obvious this becomes.  Well, Bantam Books gave Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow all the rope they wanted, and the result is The Grand Design, in […]

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