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The (Invisible) Remnant Theory of Church History

Protestant View #2: The (Invisible) Remnant Theory(2) runs into almost the exact same problems as (1). Because the problems with Protestant View #1 are so severe, and because even the verses cited for the notion of an end-times apostasy (like Matthew 24:10-14) suggest a general falling-away from the Faith, rather than a global abandonment [the […]

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Protestantism and Moral Relativism: The Trilemma

The biggest reason I think that Protestantism lies at the heart of relativism is this. Protestants are in the awkward position of saying, “All of Christendom c. 1516 and before, you all misunderstand Christianity!” This means that they necessarily have to come to one of three unfortunate conclusions: either (1) that there was no authentic […]

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How the Reformation Failed

Remember that the Reformers set out to reform all of Christendom; that they ended up with countless minor factions bickering amongst themselves and against Catholicism and Eastern/Oriental Orthodoxy means that the Reformation was, at least to an extent and despite many notable successes, a failure. I. Christendom Understood Core [Capital-T] Truths Before the ReformationPrior to […]

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