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Can Non-Christians Be Saved?

From the Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) of the Dominican cemetery of Bern‎, Germany
Four questions routinely arise about the Church's view of the possibility of salvation for those outside of Her ranks: 1. Is Baptism necessary for salvation? 2. Are all of the non-baptized damned? 3. If the non-baptized can be saved, why share the Gospel? 4. Has the Catholic Church changed her answer to these prior three questions? To understand how the Church can simultaneously hold that Baptism is necessary for salvation and that those can be saved who have never been Baptized, we've got to consider two things: how to get to Heaven, and how to get to Hell.

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Felix Roma: The Role of Rome in the True Church

"O happy Rome, stained purple with the precious blood of so many princes! You excel all the beauty of the world, not by your own glory, but by the merits of the saints whose throats you cut with bloody swords."

Three Rome-themed mini-posts to commemorate Sts. Peter and Paul: (I) the necessity of being united with the Roman Church, (II) the Roman Church not being the Seat of the Antichrist, and (III) an exciting new Catholic podcast centered around Rome.

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