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Protestant Answer to Ignatius on the Eucharist

One of the things I find bizarre in Catholic/Protestant relations is the things which seem to be huge issues to Protestants (Catholics views on justification and our alleged over-devotion to Mary) compared to the things which are shrugged off (Catholics worshipping the Eucharist). I don’t see how someone can simultaneously think it’s so gravely sinful […]

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In Essentials, Unity…

Someone* famously said, “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity,” a phrase so famous it’s become known as the Friedensspruch. This mantra has been used by a variety of Christian denominations, most famously with the so-called Christian Irenics after the worst of the Reformation. These people, looking on the relative insignificance of […]

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Say What???

The follow-up on TurretinFan’s post about this blog has been … interesting. I’m going to respond as best I can, but I’ll admit at the outset I have next to no idea what this guy is saying. natamllc said…I will post the comments here and see where they go? That’s your warning. Stream of consciousness […]

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Good Enough Christianity?

Protestant View #3: Good Enough Christianity?The first view is directly contrary to Scripture, while the second one is directly contrary to history (and less obviously, contrary to Scripture as well). As cooler heads have prevailed after the Reformation, it seems that many Protestants are admitting the break with Rome occurred over some pretty unimportant stuff, […]

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