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Calvin and Hobbes

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes, that is. Hilarious. (source). The strip’s publisher has explained the reason Bill Watterson chose the names Calvin and Hobbes for his characters: Calvin is named for a sixteenth-centurn theologian who believed in predestination, while Hobbes is named after a seventeenth-century philosphoer with a dim view of human nature. The names […]

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Assurance of Salvation?

A number of Protestants find it singularly compelling that they “know” that they’re eternally saved. I’ve always found this line of reasoning sort of strange. To the last individual, they’ve argued or admitted that: The saved can know that they’re saved; The damned often think that they’re saved, but they aren’t (obviously); Even those saved […]

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John Knox, John Calvin, and King Henry VIII’s Royal Hypocrisy

Two of the larger Protestant denominations, Presbyterianism (started by John Knox) and Anglicanism (started by Henry VIII) were started not only invalidly, but blatantly hypocritically. They are joined in this, less directly, by Calvinism (not technically a denomination, I know). The reason I bring this up is that origins matter. The Catholic Church can trace […]

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