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Tough Questions About Predestination, Free Will, Evil and Hell

A recent convert to Catholicism, in response to last Friday’s post on the problems of free will, evil, and Hell, asks some really hard questions.  There are actually a lot of good comments on that post, so if it’s a subject that interests you, you should check it out.  Let me start out with two hypotheticals, before moving […]

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How Did the Puritans Become Unitarians?

One of the strangest religious transitions in American history is that the Puritan congregations in New England became Unitarian Universalists.  It would be hard to find a religious group who cared more about getting doctrine exactly right than the Puritans, yet within the span of only a few generations, they’d devolved into something unrecognizable as either […]

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Can Classical Protestantism Affirm the Lord’s Prayer?

Called to Communion had a great discussion on this topic in regards to Calvinism, but I wanted to look at the same thing in regards to traditional Lutheranism. Pastor Hemmer of Hope Lutheran Church contrasts the Lutheran position with Catholicism quite neatly: Can you be forgiven of sins you have not yet committed?  The answer to […]

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