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How Did Evangelicals End Up on the Wrong End of the Contraception Debate?

On issues of the Liturgy — what public Christian worship should look like — Catholics often find themselves lined up, more or less, with the “mainline” Protestant churches.  We use a Lectionary, have structured worship, a liturgical cycle (with Advent, Lent, and the like), and so forth. On these issues, we tend to disagree with […]

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From Concubine to Spouse

Joe posted earlier about Archbishop Sheehan’s letter regarding pastoral care for cohabitating couples. It caught my attention as I’ve been engaged in a discussion over at American Papist about that very topic. I commend Archbishop Sheehan for providing such clarity to his people and clergy. It’s not an easy topic to discuss. As a still […]

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A Blessing from the East: Russian Orthodoxy’s Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

An Eastern Orthodox reader of Mark Shea’s blog asked: Have you ever heard of Met. Hilarion Alfeyev? He’s the No. 2 figure in the Russian Orthodox Church, the church’s chief diplomat. He’s only 44 years old. Super-brilliant guy, and startlingly open to the West. I heard him speak this past weekend in NYC, and let […]

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The Vatican Settles the Condom Debate

The Congregation for Doctrine and Faith, Pope Benedict’s old stomping grounds as Cardinal, has issued a statement clarifying the obvious: the pope’s comments, contrary to the media reports, never suggested a change in the Church’s position, nor is there going to be one.  From the English press release: Following the publication of the interview-book Light […]

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Brief But Important

Maggie Gallagher argued at National Review Online’s The Corner that the Pill led to abortion, because it made the idea that we could and should separate sex from reproduction seem sane. My only qualm is that it’s not really “reproduction,” but birth, which folks were worried about. An “accidental pregnancy” which can be “taken care […]

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