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Outrageous Discipline-Only Health Education: Let’s Move!

The Obama Administration is celebrating the second anniversary of the controversial Let’s Move! campaign to combat the rise in obesity in the United States. If you don’t think it’s controversial, you should. Even a cursory glance at the many initiatives undertaken through the guidance of First Lady Michelle Obama should note a frightening trend: health […]

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Religious Liberty: Mapping the Developing Landscape

As the debate regarding religious liberty gains attention and momentum, it is prudent to regularly examine the landscape and tone of this crucial discussion. Clarity and proper emphasis are of paramount importance when sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are just as crucial in politics. The White House Blog has made one attempt to […]

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A Disturbing New Day for American Religious Liberty

As I’ve mentioned previously, the federal government (specifically, the Department of Health and Human Services) is trying to force Catholic hospitals, charities, and schools to pay for abortion-causing drugs, sterilizations, and contraception — all of which directly violate our right to conscience. In my previous post, I compared it to a law attempting to force […]

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The Prophetic Pope Paul VI, and the Consequences of Contraception

Pope Paul VI (1977) Pope Paul VI gets a lot of grief from both conservative and liberal Catholics.  His pontificate, which lasted from 1963 to 1978, was at a particularly tumultuous time in the Church and the world.  But whatever else may be said of Pope Paul, his encyclical on  contraception, Humanae Vitae, seems downright prophetic. […]

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Disturbing New Evidence on Contraception and AIDS in Africa

A few weeks ago, I wrote on the impact of Catholic social teaching on AIDS rates in Africa. I showed there that the most Catholic parts of sub-Saharan Africa tend to have lower (sometimes, dramatically lower) rates of HIV infection than their non-Catholic counterparts.  This proved true both by region, and by country.  There are […]

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What Impact Does Catholic Teaching Have on AIDS in Africa?

Polly Toynbee of the Guardian has leveled one of the most serious (and irresponsible) charges against the Catholic Church: that She’s to blame for millions of dead Africans. In a 2005 article for the Guardian, she wrote: How dare Tony Blair genuflect on our behalf before the corpse of a man whose edicts killed millions? […]

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