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Wait for the Lord: Learning from Judith, Anna and Simeon

Giovanni Bellini, The Presentation in the Temple (1499)
In the face of a political and personal future that often seems uncertain or unpleasant, it's easy to lose heart and to despair of God's presence in our lives. Fortunately, Scripture presents a radically different message. Here's what Judith, Simeon and Anna have to show us about aligning our lives to God's timetable, instead of trusting in secular salvation.

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The Incomprehensible Love of the Holy Trinity

Vicente Requena, Holy Trinity (16th c.)
This Sunday is Trinity Sunday. Do you know what’s a good analogy for the Trinity? Nothing. God is so far beyond our ability to comprehend Him, much less to express His inner nature in human speech, that all of our attempts to do so fall miserably short. Worse, it's easy to fall into heresy and idolatry. But these are no excuses for ignoring the life-changing reality of the Holy Trinity.

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The Public Nature of Reading Scripture

James Tissot, Jesus Unrolls the Book in the Synagogue (c. 1890)
In the modern age, it's easy to assume that Christians always studied Scripture by reading their personal Bible, or that theological questions always settled by the believer looking through his Bible at home, alone. But none of that is true. As St. Augustine and Scripture itself confirm, the Bible was originally intended to be proclaimed to the community. Which is why I'm happy to be part of a project that seeks to do just that.

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