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Government Outlaws Islam, Liberal Atheists Applaud

In a piece entitled “Nation Bans Minors From Entering Mosques,” the Huffington Post has reported that the authoritarian secular government of Tajikstan has outlawed minors from entering Islamic mosques, and requires everyone under 18 to attend secular school.  The crackdown on Islam is a not-subtle attempt to destroy his chief rivals, the Islamic Revival Party. Having only […]

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Easter and Earth Day

Sunday, in addition to being Easter, was also Earth Day.  Earth Day always falls on the 22nd, and unlike the Philippines, we didn’t have the good sense to just move Earth Day to Monday to avoid stepping on the toes of Christians who think the Resurrection of God the Son is more important than “Mother Earth.” […]

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Hawking and Mlodinow’s Proof for God, Revisited

In February, I wrote a post showing that Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow’s attempt to disprove the necessity of a Creator actually does the opposite.  By having a book-length discussion of the logical premises which atheists have to accept in order to write off a Creator, it became clear that the argument was circular.  This was the […]

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One Atheist’s Take on the Anti-Papal Fervor in the UK

Padraig Reidy, Irish-born self-proclaimed “professional atheist” (in other words, a former deputy editor of the atheist magazine New Humanist), has penned an interesting article for the Guardian entitled, “I’m an atheist but this anti-Catholic rhetoric is making me nervous.” The article’s worth reading, but a little background may be in order. The pope is planning […]

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Religious Intolerance and “Islamophobia”

Frank Beckwith had a great post responding to Time Magazine’s latest cover, which reads “Is America Islamophobic?” To answer Time’s question, there are certainly some people who have irrational fears about Islam. No question. But those folks are clearly in the minority, as Islamic-related polls tend to show pretty clearly. More troubling is the tendency […]

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