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He took it down!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this: I sent a copy of this post to Reese Currie, the author of the page I was criticizing, “Can Catholic Tradition Be Valid?” He responded, and we started what I think has been a really great dialogue. He has had a lot of qualms and questions […]

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Tradition, pt. 3: When did the Church add THAT?

For part 3 of this segment on Tradition, I thought I’d answer one of the Church’s critics. I was reading an article by someone named Reese Currie for something called Compass Distributors (who charge themselves with “Distributing Christian Truth to all points of the compass”). The article was called, “Can Catholic Tradition Be Valid?” The […]

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Tradition, pt. 2: Development of Doctrine v. Continuous Revelation

The Church believes that doctrines can develop over time, as we understand them better, but this is the organic growth from an apostolic root, not a new plant. John Henry Cardinal Newman described it like this, in opposing the idea of an absolutely new revelation: “Revelation is all in all in doctrine; the Apostles its […]

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Mea Maxima Culpa

A few apologies I felt were in order: Mea Culpa: I managed to write about papal infallibility with hardly a reference to the Early Church Fathers. The ECFs are probably the strongest support for the papacy, and papal infallibility. For example, St. Irenaeus, in his book Against Heresies (Book 3, Chapter 3, section 2) written […]

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