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The Annual March for Life Media Blackout

This picture is one of numerous great shots highlighted by Matt Cassens on his blog St. Blogustine (which I note in passing is an excellent name for a blog).  Contrast it with Newsweek’s spin from 2010, in an article entitled, Who’s Missing at the ‘Roe v. Wade’ Anniversary Demonstrations? Young Women.  The article rhetorically asked, “where are the […]

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Newly Named Cardinal Thomas Collins Defending the Unborn

Pope Benedict announced 22 new Cardinals, including Archbishop Dolan of New York (the surprise was simply how quickly he became a Cardinal, but I’m thrilled at his elevation). But I wanted to highlight one of the other newly named Cardinals, Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto. Fr. Arne singled him out at Mass today, because he’d […]

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Why Celebrate Christ’s Birth, Instead of His Conception?

Since life begins at conception, why do we focus on celebrating the Birth of Christ, rather than His Conception?  After all, from a Catholic perspective, the Incarnation really occurs about nine months prior to Christmas.  Indeed, pro-life movements around the world have begun using March 25 as a day celebrating the life of the unborn, during […]

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It’s a Baby When We Want it to Be

How else to explain these ads that the Sierra Club is running throughout the D.C. subway? The small print begins, “Mercury pollution from our nation’s coal-burning power plants is harming pregnant women and their unborn children.”   So, when it’s politically advantageous, they’re not “fetuses,” they’re “unborn children,” and they need to be protected now from mercury poisoning, that can harm them in […]

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The Acceptable Sphere for Talking About Abortion

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, pro-choicers have done a great job of making a lot of pro-life Americans feel guilty ever bringing up their views on abortion.  They’ve done it in two ways: When someone argues that the government should limit abortion in any way, they’re accused of injecting religion into politics, or legislating […]

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