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The Unborn Child is a Child. Literally.

When pro-lifers refer to the unborn child as a child, we get accused of playing games with language. The opposite is true, as Ramesh Ponnuru pointed out (fairly) recently. Originally the word “child” referred only to unborn children. From the Online Etymology Dictionary: child (n.)  Old English cild “fetus, infant, unborn or newly born person,” from Proto-Germanic *kiltham (cf. […]

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A Catholic Reply to “How to Suck At Your Religion”

An anti-religious (and specifically, anti-Catholic) webcomic is making the rounds on the Internet right now. It’s part of a webcomic called The Oatmeal, and is called “How to suck at your religion.” I have to warn anyone clicking that link that it’s really offensive: profane, lewd, and blasphemous, all at once. Honestly, if you don’t […]

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The New Eugenics: How Abortion Disempowers Mothers

In his 2009 essay Her Choice, Her Problem, Prof. Richard Stith argues that, paradoxically, “the option of abortion actually makes sympathy and solidarity—and thus women’s empowerment—less likely.” As he explained: Anonymous, Pregnant Mary (detail) (1505) When birth was the result of passion and bad luck, some people could sympathize with a young woman who was going […]

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Uniting Pro-Life Protestants and Catholics in Christ

Yesterday’s “Conversation on Unity in Christ’s Mission” between Francis Cardinal George and Evangelical author and former pastor John Armstrong was thoroughly enjoyable.  The two men shared an obvious love for one another and for Jesus Christ.  John spoke of being enriched by Catholic writers from long before the Reformation, who sound little like modern Evangelicals; Cardinal […]

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