St. Casmir

This tells you everything you need to know about my family: yesterday morning, my dad called to wish me a happy birthday, and to tell me it was St. Casmir’s feast day, who died on March 4, 1484, at the tender age of 26. So, my dad said, enjoy being 25. Lovely.

On a more serious note, I’m astounded that someone like St. Casmir lived such a fulfilled life for the Lord in so few years: I mean, the guy was trying to save Hungary from the Turks at the age of 13. As crown prince and vice-regent while his father was away, St. Casmir basically ruled Poland from age 23 to 25, and he lived a life of celibacy and extreme fasting (both of which are somewhat surprising in a prince), eventually becoming deathly ill. He’s a good saint to look to on my birthday, and he’s a patron saint of the young. St. Casmir, pray for us!


  1. Happy belated birthday!

    My daughter was born March 5, 2010 and I was sorry we missed St. Casimir’s feast day. But our priest thought it was neat that she was born on a Friday in Lent and we named her Violet, since violet is Lent’s liturgical color.

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