Son Rise Morning Show: Warning Others of the Disease of Sin

I’m a little tardy in posting this, but here’s the Son Rise Morning Show episode that I was on last week. Due to my schedule, and some technical difficulties, I haven’t actually had the chance to listen to it myself yet, so I can’t tell you exactly at which point in the episode I come on.  Last time, I had an 8:40 AM interview, which came on at about the 2:45:00 point in the mp3. This time, the interview was at 8:20 (yes, for some inexplicable reason, I decided 8:40 wasn’t early enough), so I probably come on around the 2:25:00 mark, if I had to guess.

It’s on the topic of “Warning Others of the Disease of Sin, or the Dangers of False Charity,” so even if you don’t get a chance to listen, feel free to check out the post.  I hope you enjoy!

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